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Why isn’t it necessarily a Roman centurion helmet? Because the capital λ is the famous Spartan shield. This makes me even more convinced that the background of this story is ancient Greece, not ancient Rome
It is said that this game will adopt a more pure American RPG gameplay. Two protagonists choose one to play the game. In the game, you can choose a dialogue. Different choices will lead to different story lines and there will be multiple endings-wait and see. After all, I remember when the Assassin’s Creed: Origins broke out, some puppet parties said so. But I think the news is more reliable. Of course, some people will ask how the ending of a history-based game like Assassin’s Creed? I recommend everyone to come into contact with the “The Elder Scrolls” series. Each generation has multiple endings, but the official chronicles are not wrong, and there is no contradiction. The story can be rounded as well, depending on how the screenwriter

Although I think Ubisoft’s efforts to turn “Assassin’s Creed” from ACT to ARPG are no problem, the soul-like combat mode is very good, and the level suppression is indeed an inherent feature of RPG, but it also performs level suppression on assassination It ’s really a bit of a nuisance. Hey! You have wiped your neck and told me that he lost only a fifth of his blood? This unknown tells you that stealth assassination is useless and encourages you to rush up? Is Ubisoft scared by the bad reviews of Assassin’s Creed: The Great Revolution? Anyway, I don’t agree with the level suppression on assassination. Many players I have contacted do not agree with this redundant setting. Combat has the joy of combat, stealth has the pleasure of stealth. This approach is equivalent to depriving stealth of its sense of accomplishment. So is the statement about the background of ancient Rome false news? I think it’s impossible. Make a bold prediction here: the next work will be the end of the Mediterranean trilogy, and the background of the story will be the ancient Roman Hadrian period. In ancient Rome, the assassin organization was called “Liberty Society”, and the Templars were hidden in the Senate. Now the Assassins and the Templars can finally resonate with each other. Of course, although the organizational form has taken shape, the struggle Still hidden underground, it cannot be as high-profile as during the Crusades.

The game location may not be in Rome (repeated with Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood), and it is likely to be on the British Isles-what is Hadrian’s most famous achievement? Build the Great Wall! The protagonist may be an ancient Roman warrior. Winter is approaching. He devoted the rest of his life to the night watchman, against the dark forces that are about to move outside the Great Wall … Sorry to go to HBO. But when it comes to the Great Wall of Hadrian,
“Assassin’s Creed Odyssey” was released from Ubisoft on October 5, 2018. We will introduce the five attractivenesses of the previous work, Origins, by comparing them with the elaborately constructed open world and the battle system that has undergone major changes.
Kefalonia Island has an underground lake called Melissani Cave, which is a reputed tourist spot where it is beautiful to illuminate the underground lake with the sunlight guided to the bottom of the hole. I took several screenshots to create an island where I could jump into such a place without hesitation.

As the story progresses, the protagonist looks back on the old little by little, and his upbringing becomes clear. The protagonist received training from his father, a Spartan warrior, and was expected to grow up as a Spartan. Players will feel a mystery as the hero shakes his head and shows a bitter face while remembering his harsh and gentle father’s words.As you can see from the “Options” described later, the hero of this work “Odyssey” has various skills, even though it is skillful. From the start of the game, you may be able to say that you have returned to the main character like “Assassin’s Creed” instead of the previous main character Baek who was mature in terms of position and mentality.
In particular, the expression of light shows breathtaking moments one after another, and I think that the time to search for a photo opportunity is longer. The game is always filled with detailed quests, so why not take a break and shoot the wide world from time to time
With the development that we were able to collect DNA for two people from substances attached to excavated items related to ancient Greece, the setting is to select men and women from Animus.


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