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The battle outside the battlefield is overheating over the documentary movie “Main Battlefield” which approaches the comfort women issue of the former Japanese military. After being released in April, pros and cons erupted mainly on the Internet. The conservatives who appeared appeared in a meeting in Tokyo on the 30th and protested that they had been “fooled.” A Japanese-American director visiting Japan will hold a dispute on June 3. (Sadatoshi Ogura)

The main battlefield is about thirty Japanese, American, and Korean debates who have been speaking about the comfort women issue since 2006, when a Japanese American director Miki Dezaki (36) was enrolled at Sophia University Graduate School. Works interviewed with people. In terms of issues such as, “Was there 200,000 comfort women?”

Not only from former support women’s support groups and researchers, but also from a negative perspective on the comfort women issue, Vice Chairman Nobukatsu Fujioka of the Society for Creating New History Textbooks, U.S. Attorney Kent Gilbert, and Yoshiko Sakurai, a journalist, Members of the House of Representatives, Sugita Suisan, have appeared and are developing their theories. It is currently being shown nationwide, including in Tokyo.

Fujioka and three others met on the 30th. Mr. Fujioka and others criticized that “Dezaki, a graduate student, cooperated because he was told that it was an academic study.” Protests calling for a ban on screening the movie under the name of seven conservative performers, saying “editing is not neutral and remarks are cut off. Opportunities for remarks are not imparted” and “grotesque propaganda movies” etc. Made a statement. He is also considering legal measures.

In the work, discriminatory statements from multiple conservative performers continue. At the conference, this point was justified, but no remarks were made.

On the same day, Dezaki commented on the official website, “I have signed an agreement that their remarks are their free will. They are also considering opening to the public.” According to the distributor, they submitted to the graduate school as graduation work and completed the institute.

Tatsuya Mori, a film director, discusses works that are turning into a fierce battlefield for the comfort women issue, saying, “There are many films that address the comfort women issue, but there are few examples of opposing people talking in the same work. Is a writer and cannot be completely neutral. It is natural that there is a difference between what the subject wants to assert and what the director wants to hear. “
The soldiers used a limited supply of material to engage in the “Kago Castle Battle.”

Hide yourself in a territory built inside a bunker or cave, and storm the enemy with quick-fire guns, guns, and grenades. I cut with a sword in the dark night.

Mr. Kurata who was seriously injured in the left half after receiving a shell. “The pus of the wound was eaten by the maggots and was replaced.” Grenades fly in front of you, and your superiors die one after another.

My legs do not move to leave the base. Unusual tension. I couldn’t cry.

A guerrilla organized war lasted 33 days. It was a long day’s battle to protect the “absolute defense sphere.”
In December 1943, during the Great East Asia War, the first member of the “School Enlistment” joined the former Japanese army from Kyoto Imperial University (now Kyoto University) where Lee Toki was enrolled. At this time, Lee said, “I volunteered with a strong will to become a Japanese army infantry.” He was determined to go to the battlefield himself.


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