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At the same time in London, a special air squadron led by Price and Gerek raided a house with members of “Alghetta” hidden, and learned that the leader of the terrorist organization, Omar “The Wolf” The location of Sulamman. The U.S. Marine Corps led by Sergeant Alec and Sergeant Griggs advanced to Ramassa Hospital in Uzbekistan and successfully captured the “evil wolf.”Soon, the right hand of the “evil wolf”, Jamal “Butcher” Raha led his troops to launch an attack on the U.S. Embassy in Uruzkistan in an attempt to force the United States to let go. Price, who had just arrived in Uruzkistan, cooperated with Gerik and Alec and Farah, as well as the garrison ’s garrison, to resist the waves of offensives in Alguytara and barely defended the embassy But in the end, he was successfully escaped by the “evil wolf”.

In the “Death Highway”, Farah orchestrated the operation of the “Abyssal Wolf” convoy. However, during the period, both the “Uluzkistan Liberation Army” and “Algetara” were attacked by Barkov forces, resulting in a mission failure. During the melee, Farah’s brother and deputy, Hadir, declared to Alec that he had a secret weapon and needed Alec’s assistance. At this time, it was learned that Hadir was the mastermind of stealing the chemical weapons. In order to repel the enemy, he released poison gas and killed all Russian soldiers and “Al Qatara” militants present. Farah and Alec also Almost dead.The time goes back to 1999, when General Bakov led troops to invade Uruzkistan, during which time both Fara and Hadir’s parents were killed. The two tried to escape from their homes, but were taken away by General Barkow and spent the rest of their childhood in prison. While becoming a prisoner, Farah also became the “Carlin Commander” of the rebel group. Ten years later, she planned and successfully escaped, and met Price for the first time.

Back to now, intelligence indicates that Hadir is likely to have cooperated with Alghetta, forcing Farah and Price’s squad to take action. They infiltrated the underground base hidden by the “evil wolf” and successfully killed him, but Hadir has escaped without a trace. In addition, realizing that Hadir was the mastermind of stealing chemical weapons, the U.S. government decided to discontinue aid to the “Uruzkistan Liberation Army” and treat it as a terrorist organization. Alec was quite angry at this decision. He was unwilling to betray his allies, so he made a decision to return to Uruzkistan and continue to fight alongside Farah’s forces.

After receiving information that Russia could be the next target of Hadir, Price and Garek came to St. Petersburg to meet Price’s old knowledge, Nicholas. With the assistance of weapons and intelligence provided by Nicholas, Price and Gerik suspended the ongoing meeting of “Al Getala” and successfully captured the “Butcher”. But the “Butcher” refused to submit to torture, and Price used the personal safety of his wife and children as a bargaining chip, eventually forcing him to offer Hadir’s place. If Garek was involved in torture, he could, at his own discretion, execute the “butcher” or spare his life after the torture.Price and Garek learned that Hadir planned to attack General Barkov ‘s villa in Moldova , and went to arrest him locally. The two learned from Hadir’s mouth the location of Barkov’s chemical plant. . After the trio successfully escaped the attack from Barkov’s troops, Lesway told Price Russian authorities demanded that they surrender Hadir. Price reluctantly agreed, but asked Lesway to keep the information on the chemical plant confidential.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is a revival of the single-player game. The game is infused with popular fresh elements, while the familiar old elements are also performed very well. Its story may not be as seditious as the production team wanted to express, but with a good single-player shooting game experience, they re-established a strong image for this multi-year-old gaming IP. Unlike more and more battle royale games and resource-brushing games, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare will relive the old days of shooting games. (IGN comment [10] )
“Call of Duty: Modern Warfare” shows the beauty of warfare with excellent graphics, and uses old-fashioned formulas and characters to give players the feeling of the modern warfare. At the same time, the exquisite psychological depiction also allows players to experience the plot exquisite. The multiplayer experience is not very good because it is affected by the server. Although the single-player campaign is amazing, the script itself is not enough, and the cooperation mode is relatively inadequate. Generally speaking, this game still keeps the sign of modern warfare


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