Devil May Cry 5

A few years since the magic sword cult.
An incident that suddenly appeared in the local city of Redgrave.
Huge trees penetrated the center of the city, and blood-sucking roots were starting to attack people.

Nero, who lives in the extermination of the devil, rushes to Redgrave on the trailer of the mobile handyman “Devil May Cry”.
Together with Nico, a self-proclaimed “weapon craftsman”, a partner who provides him with weapons.

Lost pride, deprived power, left man.
Nero had something to recover.

He rushes into the midst of the incident while kicking off the devils that have springed up.
The love sword Red Queen growls, and the twin-armed Blue Rose fires.
And on the right hand side
The graphics and high-speed game play that are indistinguishable from live-action images create unprecedented feelings.
With RE ENGINE, which makes full use of the latest machines, it is a fast-paced 60 FPS action.
The stylish action has a new pleasure.
The rough plot is simple. The player starts the game as Nero. Nero is a member of a small group of devil hunters in which Dante is somehow a leader.

Dante has been taken captive following an unidentified devil invasion. Your mission is to rescue Dante with your friends and kill the monsters. Don’t forget that during that time you are very stylish.

Despite its lackluster settings, Devil May Cry 5 is a huge hit. Eventually, the player fights as the role of three warriors, Nero’s allies, but slashes and shoots enemies one after another, magically dodging the devil’s attacks.

Fluent actions are easy to control, but tricky and difficult to capture. In addition, they continue to be evaluated for how stylish and how versatile the attack was.
He added that when designing a game back from user emotions, it is important not to mistake the means and purpose. For example, when the purpose is to make the user feel “A” and the method of making that user feel “A” is used as a means, care must be taken not to achieve the purpose. That there is. It has one purpose, but there are so many means that sticking to one will confuse the project.

By the way, in the case of Mr. Izuno, he often comes up with the purpose and means at the same time, which leads to the feasibility and certainty of the project.
Even though 3D is the mainstream game in 19th, the operation of switching sights according to enemies that appear one after another feels more sloppy than necessary. Nero’s special abilities are in his prosthesis, and he always carries some stock, but there is no way to change it instantly except by deliberately destroying the prosthesis he is wearing.

It’s a bit difficult to say, but in the English version, there are times when the actor’s performance is distracted. And honestly, despite the plethora of demons, the horror of bloody horror isn’t visually conveyed.

“Who cares about that?” Says Devil May Cry 5. “The devil is coming! Can you hear the guitar solo? It’s your turn! I’m going to defeat the devil without lingering!”
In order to enhance the library, it is important to experience a variety of experiences, including classic events, traditional events, trendy events, and inexperienced events. By archiving the emotions at that time, the library seems to be enriched more and more. In addition, Mr. Izuno advised young people, “Please save as much as you can when you are young


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