Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

Dragon Ball Z Carkalot was developed by CyberConnect2 in the Naruto: Ultimate Storm series and features action role playing. In this game, players will experience the adventure journey of Goku = Saiyan “Kakalot”, revisit the classic story in “Dragon Ball Z”, start the journey of finding power, pursuing challenges, and protecting the planet from For the destruction of dangerous villains.

PlayStation 4 and Xbox One Edition
Release Date: January 16, 2020
Bandai Nanmeng Entertainment in Hong Kong is unveiling today. The contents of “DRAGON BALL Z KAKAROT” (Middle: Dragon Ball Z Kakarot) are included in the Traditional Chinese Deluxe Edition and Limited Edition, and the latest game promotion videos will be released simultaneously. The traditional Chinese version of Dragon Ball Z Carkalot, which is highly anticipated by players around the world, will be launched in addition to the general version, PS4 deluxe version with game software and season tickets, and a limited edition with rich content for players to choose from:

The PS4 limited edition contains the following exquisite content:
— “Dragon Ball Z Carkalot” Traditional Chinese version of the game software
— Season Pass: Contains 2 original plots and 1 additional new story (details to be announced later).
—New opening scene model: The full height is about 20 cm. It is a three-dimensional scene model designed by Goku and Gohan in the wilderness, traveling on somersault clouds, and the dinosaurs that will appear in the game. To get started!

  • special tin
  • Art Book: You can savor the unique charm of “Dragon Ball Z Kakaluote” game world.
    —World Map Poster: A Must See Before You Go! Beautiful poster that reproduces this world map.

※ Please refer to the PlayStation®Store, Microsoft Store, and STEAM pages for the contents of the digital edition.
※ Bandai Namco Entertainment reserves the right to change, modify, and cancel the contents of the special code.
※ Special code download code has expiration date. The content of special code may be released later.
※ The illustration is for reference only, please refer to the actual item.
※ Content and style may be changed without notice.
※ Quantity is limited, please contact the store where you purchased it for details.
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