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When E3 was exhibited at the exhibition, it was announced that Metro: Exodus could be played soon, and for many people, it became a real surprise, I must say, very pleasant. The video itself caught the attention of ordinary players, critics and journalists. He was called the most exciting and best of all the trailers, and many said the game was the most anticipated for them. Supported by Executive Producer D. Bloch acknowledged that the project was the most ambitious for the studio, and she had to do it.Inspired by the developers of the project game STALKER and its post-apocalyptic world. Based on this idea, they created linear levels and vast open areas. In addition, with the already familiar action mechanism, major changes will be noticeable, which will also bring a new feel to the gameplay.

From his remarks and announcements, it can be concluded that the product is really cool, and Metro: Exodus download is worth it. Previously, the heroes lingered in the destroyed subway in Moscow, but now they decide to leave, which is why there are ever-changing landscapes. Significantly changed the fact that landscapes and events cover one year, which means changes in weather, seasons, time and animals. To survive, heroes must always be vigilant and keep the world around us in sight. Also study the surrounding objects carefully to avoid missing anything useful. Even a pair of machine cartridges can save lives and should not be ignored.

From Metro: Exodus is playable and ready for events to develop quickly. Players need a good reaction and the ability to make decisions quickly. The main enemy is animals that lost their former charm. Now this is a terrible creature, eager for blood. If circumstances so require, there will be a group of other enemies involved in theft and easily taking lives.
Before you open up the space of our vast country, you can take the train “Aurora” from one place to another. Don’t be afraid to go beyond the scope of a safety car, because who knows, maybe you will not only find useful components in the wilderness, but you will also know people who have survived the disaster.

-survive. There are no other dangerous opponents outside the subway station. Mutants, gangsters, lunatics-find a way to reach everyone, do research, and survive in a nuclear open space with an impressive arsenal.
-Listening to traveling throughout Russia, you will meet many people and hear many stories. Plot subway: The ending will not leave fans or novices in the series indifferent.
We have seen too many stories of bad endings and good endings, but human imagination is infinite. One day when you grow to a certain level, you will start to think: after these endings, you will what happened? For example, many people are holding on to the end of “Graduate” and saying, “Inadvertently achieved the classic.” After the escape marriage, the mood of joy and excitement slowly dissipated. The front is not a beautiful life that is about to begin, but full of Everything is unknown: the life of chai oil and salt? Is it a future that requires people to struggle and survive? Or is it really white to old content

To survive the dangerous metro with limited supplies, the stations on the loop line have formed an alliance. As a result, the “red line”, which cuts off the loop line, was isolated together with that idea, and it became more violent.This is a world view where you can feel “Russian literature”, such as expressing the red line as a subway display as a red idea in the game. Even during the game, it appears as a tormenting hero Artem.
Lights are essential to explore the dark subway. However, lights made with limited resources are weakly charged and must be recharged manually on a regular basis. In addition, the brassier (arm wrist) equipped by Artyom is equipped with a Nixie tube watch. The watch is equipped with an inward facing so that you can always see it even if you have a gun. In this way, the elements that are “cool and slightly real” glow in the worldview that seems seemingly ridiculous at first glance. Some people who play survival games in real Japan say that they play the “Metro” series and “turn on their wristwatches inward during the game.”

This is not the only unique worldview drawn throughout the series. Post apocalypse is a popular genre, and it’s easy to get a similar or worse worldview. Meanwhile, the figure drawn by people who survive in the “Metro” world has created a strong originality. The currency in the subway uses “military ammunition”, and whatever you buy, you need good quality ammunition. It could also be used as a weapon in past games, and these were more powerful than regular ammunition. The ground that has been devastated by nuclear contamination has a serious adverse effect on the human body and must be equipped with a gas mask. The filters only last for a short time and need to be replaced regularly


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