Resident Evil 2 Remake

Let me say from the conclusion. “Resident Evil RE: 2” (hereinafter referred to as “Bio RE2”) is undoubtedly the best remake. However, there is one thing missing.
In the review, I will explain one of the missing things, but first let’s break down into the following four items and explain them in order. The game is so wonderful as a remake, there are problems that cannot be thrown away.

  1. High-level grotesque expression that can be understood by cheeseburgers
  2. A loving remake that reinterprets the original game system in a modern way
  3. The bonus mode and the input elements are close to the original
  4. That’s why it’s a problem that only high-quality remakes can produce
    Look at the image above. This is a cheeseburger that comes out right after the start of the game, but it seems to be bad anyway. However, the depiction of the cheese, which has cooled and hardened, and the buns that have become wet, are excellent, and it is immediately apparent that it is a cheeseburger. Even cheeseburgers are at this level, so if you’re a creature, you’re more excited.

The zombies wandering around Raccoon City are likely to bite here, and there are many types. Rickers, who hear the sound and attack, show off their bare brains and incite fear. Tyrants who try to get rid of all the survivors are not grotesque, but the atmosphere of a killer is oozing out.
The game “Resident Evil” series always depends on the stage setting. Raccoon City Police Station, the main stage of Resident Evil RE: 2, is especially fantastic.

Inside the building with a neovictorian-like appearance is actually a maze. The building stands as if it were a sanctuary in a city where zombies roam, and is as dangerous as a city. Half of the doors in the building are locked with esoteric tricks (the other half is simply locked). If you solve the puzzle, you will reach the garage from the hidden passage. That is the only escape route.

New translation of “Resident Evil 2” in 1998
Released in late January 2019, it devotes everything to recreating the atmosphere and players’ tensions that had drifted to the original version.

As in the original version, players will be able to choose between new police officer Leon Kennedy or Clare Redfield, an adventurous college girl looking for her brother. They find that the city is full of zombies and flee to the police station, but immediately realize they made a mistake. From there, there is only one re-priority in the previous game
The production by music is also excellent. Sometimes the background music stops and only the environmental sound flows. In a hallway where you can only hear the sound of rain and wind blowing into broken windows, players must carefully drop their sticks. That’s because when a licker appears, such breathtaking productions usually occur. If found, the tranquility will be torn by the screams of that guy and you will feel your heart beat faster.

In addition to that, when you are chased by Tyrant, you can always hear footsteps, and if the main characters get wet, they will drop water drops on clothes, creating an atmosphere that is outstanding. The former Raccoon City has been redrawn with modern, top-level technology and has been raised to a level that would always be nominated for the “Game of the Year Dirty Division”

Instead, scarcity of resources and the constant need to keep moving creates fear. You have to keep going to replenish resources, solve puzzles and find a safe haven where you can plan your next move.

In other words, it’s an anti-zombie fight without enough bullets.

Even at the lowest difficulty, you need to hit a few shots to defeat zombies. And zombies have the nasty nature of getting up when you don’t want them to get up most.

Desperate with dying, guess whether you should fight or escape, or if you can get over the target area with the current ammunition and physical strength, and keep on calculating. This is the feeling of playing Resident Evil 2.

I have to return to that creepy corridor, but I’ve missed some zombies. Find another route? Or fight? Run through praying not to be killed?
But it was only at the beginning that I felt like that. As the game progressed, the margin gradually disappeared, and on the first lap I was playing in a surprisingly surprised way.
As mentioned in the developer interview ( related article ), this work is made with a theme of “wet & darkness” , stuck to the expression of wetness and the production of darkness. There are a lot of situations where you go from the police station in the early stages while shining in the dark with a flashlight, but this is scary anyway.
Not only is the visibility restricted, but also the “sound” that drives the sense of fear. The sound of a drop of water that sounds like “Picho … Picho …” or the footsteps of a zombie approaching here with “Hita … Hita …” resounds in the silence of darkness. The eerie sound amplifies the anxiety that “something may be here” and slows down the player’s walk.


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