Shadow of the Tomb Rider

Shadow of Tomb Raider: The Final Edition is now on sale and includes all seven new DLC and Lara outfits.

We think the shadow of Tomb Raider is okay, this is a great deal. By bundling paid DLC accessories into one version, players can be provided with seven additional challenge graves, a series of new sidewalk missions, seven weapons, equipment and basic game skills. In addition, the definitive edition brings exclusive gear: Croft Fitness has a cool, understated athletic look.

Once the final scene of the trilogy came to an end, Lara went home and started the Croft Fitness blog, wrote a recipe book for the smoothie she vowed to eat, and filmed the mini-series “Keeping Up the Croft”. Because, you know. She is the only one. However, you will never find her on Love Island because the remote continent is so rude and you know that she doesn’t like them.
The release of Tomb Raider’s shadow happened almost poorly. The game has literally decided to end the rise of Tomb Raider, but eventually the new Lara Croft trilogy. If you’re wondering how everything is done, this article will tell you about the end.

The heart of the game is finding hidden temples in the jungle of Peru. It all begins with Lara Croft and her friend Jonah exploring archeological sites in Central America. When Lara grabs a rare dagger before Dr. Pedro Dominguez and the rest of the Trinity gets it, a tsunami is triggered and the village is cleaned. Dr. Dominguez gets a dagger and flies to Peru to find a hidden city.
Lara and Jonah try to drive Trinity into the city, but the planes have fallen into storms, and pilots are eating live and eating.

Lara and Jonah can escape from Jaguar Dent after Lara has killed two beasts. And help local ethnic minorities before bidding Trinity to a hidden temple pit.

Lara peered into Trinity’s camp and found that her main plan was to get information she could get from her father, Richard Croft, Richard Craft.

With the help of local Abbey Ortes, Lara and Jonah go through the thick Peruvian jungle to the center of a hidden temple.

Along the way, they find that Trinity mercenaries are being hunted by tribes of another race.

Lara overcomes the spiritual guide’s trials and advances into the hidden city of Pity, leading her to intense encounters between religious religions and some villagers.
Lara saves one of the villagers. The villagers have been found to be the sons of Queen Unuratu, a rebel leader for Peitici residents.

In the city, Dr. Pedro Dominguez was actually named Amar and knows that he was originally raised in Pichiti. Amaru / Dominguez, the brother of Unuratu’s husband, was found to have been killed.

Dr. Dominguez plans to retrieve a second artifact, the box, so that the world can be sacrificed at the top of the temple.
When Lara tries to retrieve the box, she finds it missing. The box was stolen by a missionary several hundred years ago and was found to have been hidden outside of Petitity to prevent Trinity from gaining access to the box.

Queen Unouratse is killed by Commander Lorke while trying to get another clue by attacking the old king’s tomb to restore the sun and prevent the Trinity from rebuilding the world.

Unurath guarantees that Ezri will be the legitimate heir of Paititi and leaves it to Lara.
Jonah and Lara have regained the box “Ix Chel”, but Dominguez and Lorke have stolen the box from them and caused a village landslide.

Dominguez also tells Lara that his father was killed because his father had found Paititi and wanted to travel the outside world to a hidden city where Dominguez could not forgive.

Lara returns to Paititi, working with Carmenibals leader Crimson Fire to stop Commander Rourke. A canoeval female leader kills Rourke, apparently the woman was trying to kill a straight white man.
Dr. Pedro Dominguez grew up in a secret ancient village known as Paititi.There was a prediction that the village would be destroyed one day. Dominguez was worried one day that colonists, natural disasters and invaders would destroy Pity, so another prophecy to remodel the world and protect Pity and his people from the outside world I felt I had to do. To do so, you need a special box and a mythical dagger. Lara Croft is trying to stop Dominguez because he doesn’t want to change the world. She robbes a man with two tribal queens, kills Dominguez and completes the ritual. The game ends with enjoying life at her mansion after Lara caused massive destruction and death to Paititi.


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